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Solution Testing: Operation Arctic Lynx

As NAL Research looks ahead to an upcoming product demonstration of in the Indo-Pacific region this fall, let’s take a look back at last year’s demonstration. In June 2021, Iridium launched Operation Arctic Lynx,  a series of field exercises using broadband, push-to-talk (PTT), and Iridium Certus technologies in the Arctic with connectivity back to mainland United States and the United Kingdom. Over 20 organizations, such as the Department of Defense and local Canadian and Alaskan government organizations, came together starting in Utqiagvik, Alaska to participate in this endeavor.

                Part of the operation featured NAL Research’s handheld messaging and tracking device, the SHOUT Nano, which was used to test Iridium’s global coverage for satellite communication. Despite the operation taking place in the northernmost latitudes of the world, the SHOUT Nano was able to withstand the extreme Arctic cold, demonstrating the device’s broad range of environmental durability. In terms of connectivity, it was tested alongside other narrowband satellite phones, handsets, and tracking devices, during which the team ran several voice and data threads. During this process, the SHOUT Nano successfully exhibited its truly global connectivity and on-the-move communication capabilities, including two-way messaging, real-time tracking, and ultra-low power consumption. These were all facilitated by the dependability of Iridium’s pole-to-pole, global coverage, especially in climates as remote and resource-scarce as the Arctic.

                NAL Research is proud to have been part of this operation and is always excited to have opportunities like this to showcase our products in action! Look out for our next adventure with Iridium in the Indo-Pacific, featuring NAL Research as an asset to the United States Government (USG) and Department of Defense (DoD), providing solutions for USG/DoD operational needs.