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NAL offers a variety of accessories including power accessories, RF cables, data cables & kits, and antenna mounts, tripods & splitters, that are designed to operate with NAL Research satellite modems and trackers.



Power Accessories/LA-8021S

Antenna Mount, Tripod & Splitter/SYN-MNT-ANT

Antenna Mount, Tripod & Splitter/SYN-SLC-ALBT

Antenna Mount, Tripod & Splitter/MTR-2

Antenna Mount, Tripod & Splitter/MTR-1

Data Cable & Kits/HRC-24-11

Data Cable & Kits/HRC-24-7RA

Data Cable & Kits/HRC-24-12A

Data Cable & Kits/HRC-24-11A

Data Cable & Kits/HRC-24-8R

Data Cable & Kits/HRC-24-7R

Data Cable & Kits/HRC-24-12

RF Cables/LMR 240

RF Cables/LMR 195 Cable

RF Cables/LMR 400

Power Accessories/LA-7021

Power Accessories/LA-3098

Power Accessories/LA-8021B

Power Accessories/LA-8021A

Antenna Mount, Tripod & Splitter/SHOUT sp Vehicle Mounting Kit