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NAL offers a variety of antennas that are designed to operate with NAL Research satellite modems and trackers. With three different types of mounting placements, you can be sure to find the correct antenna to meet your needs.


Flat Mount Antennas/SYN7391-C

Flat Mount Antennas/SYN7391-B

Flat Mount Antennas/SAF4070-II

Flat Mount Antennas/SAF4070-IG

Flat Mount Antennas/SAF2040-B

Flat Mount Antennas/SAF2040-A

Magnetic Mount Antennas/SYN7391-A

Magnetic Mount Antennas/SAF5340-B

Magnetic Mount Antennas/SAF5340-A

Magnetic Mount Antennas/SAF5270-G

Mast Mount Antennas/SAF5350-CX

Mast Mount Antennas/SAF5350-C

Mast Mount Antennas/SAF5350-B

Mast Mount Antennas/SAF5350-A

Flat Mount Antennas/SAF7352-IG