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Model SAF4070-IG is a low-profile dual Iridium/GPS antenna designed to operate with the NAL Research’s A3LA and 960x series satellite modems and trackers. The SAF4070-IG is suitable for harsh environment and long term operations. It is impact, UV, chemical and jet fuel resistance.

Dimensions: 5.03″ L x 2.08″ W x 0.69” H
Weight: 8.0 oz
Color: Green or White

Frequency Range: 1610.0 – 1626.5 MHz
Gain: 4.9 dBiC
Connector: SMA Female or TNC Female

Frequency Range: 1575.42 ±13 MHz (L1)
Gain: 2.9 dBiC
LNA Gain: 33 dB
Power: 30 to 50 mA @ +2.8 to +28V DC
Connector: SMA Female or TNC Female


Dimensions: 5.03″ L x 2.08″ W x 0.69″ H
Weight: 8.0 oz
Color: White/Black/Green/Gray
Connector: TNC Female and SMA Female
Ground Plane: Minimum of 2″ from all edges

Operating Temp: –67°F to +185°F
Operating Altitude: 70,000 feet
Vibration: > 30 G’s

Frequency (Iridium): 1616.0 to 1626.5 MHz
Axial Ratio (Iridium): 2 dB
VSWR (Iridium): Less than 1.5 : 1

Frequency (GPS): 1575.42±13 MHz (L1)
LNA Gain (GPS): 30 dB
Voltage/Current: +2.8 to +28VDC/30 to 50mA

Weight1.5 oz5.1 oz14.3 oz
frequency range1616.0 - 1626.5 MHz1610.0 - 1626.5 MHz1616.0 - 1626.5 MHz
Dimensions1.81” L x 1.71” W x 0.45” H3.50” diam. x 0.58” H3.53” diam. x 0.83” H
Gain5.0 dBiC4.9 dBiC4.0 dBiC
ConnectorSMA MaleTNC FemaleTNC Male