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NAL Airtime Services

NAL Research offers the full range of Iridium airtime, backend tracking, and engineering solutions to completely enable our products for our customers’ unique applications.

Types of Services:


NAL Research is a Tier I Iridium Value Added Reseller (VAR) providing airtime and data services.  These include Circuit Switched Data (CSD), Router-based Unrestricted Digital Internetworking Connectivity Solutions (RUDICS), and Short Burst Data (SBD).

Circuit Switched Data (CSD)

Circuit Switched Data (CSD) service is an asynchronous circuit switched, 2400bps, bi-directional service.
Circuit Switched Data allows for dial-up services.

Short Burst Data (SBD)

Short Burst Data or SBD is a simple and efficient bi-directional transport capability used to transfer messages with sizes ranging from zero (a mailbox check) to 1960 bytes for Mobile Originated (MO-SBD) and zero to 1890 bytes for Mobile Terminated (MT-SBD). SBD takes advantage of signals within the existing air interface, without using the dedicated traffic channels. As a result, small amounts of data can be transferred more efficiently than those associated with circuit-switched data calls.
NAL offers standard pay-as-you-go and fixed rate plans.  Please contact our SALES team for detailed pricing, airtime requests, and billing questions.


Router-based unrestricted digital internetworking connectivity solution (RUDICS) is an enhanced gateway termination and origination capability for circuit switched data calls across the Iridium satellite network. When an ISU places a call to the RUDICS Server located at the Iridium Gateway, the RUDICS Server connects the call to a pre-defined IP address allowing an end-to-end IP connection between the Host Application and the ISU.


NAL Vue is a web-based locating, tracking, and communication management system the provides your team with near-real-time situational awareness and control.  NAL Vue is built to easily integrate NAL and 3rd party satellite, cell phone, and other tracking products.  It is expressly designed as the platform of choice for NAL products, enabling 2-way communication and control features and capabilities that are not available anywhere else.