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NAL Vue is a web-based locating, tracking, and communication management system the provides your team with near-real-time situational awareness and control.  NAL Vue is built to easily integrate NAL and 3rd party satellite, cell phone, and other tracking products.  It is expressly designed as the platform of choice for NAL products, enabling 2-way communication and control features and capabilities that are not available anywhere else. 
The flexibility of the NAL Vue system offers effective management of your track-able asset inventory. Whether you are tracking personnel, vehicles, shipping containers, etc., your designated system administrator will have awareness and control over any number of assets simultaneously. Conversely, NAL Vue does not allow others to see the location or movement of your assets unless you authorize it.

Key Features:

  • Displays location, messaging,           and alerting information                         
  • Device agnostic
  • Custom packet protocols
  • Multiple map/image overlays
  • Custom map layers
  • Group structures for easy management and control
  • Geofence customization
  • Marking of points of interest
  • Integrated real-time weather