Blue Sky Network now part of ACR Group family!

The cat’s out of the bag! Blue Sky Network will be officially joining the ACR Group family! Headquartered in California, Blue Sky Network brings over 20 years of expertise in SATCOM, IoT, and fleet management solutions, worldwide. Blue Sky Network is a long time Iridium Value-Added-Manufacturer (VAM) and Reseller (VAR) and will be a happy addition to NAL Research and TRX Systems as the industry leaders in the US government & defense segment of the ACR Group portfolio.

The importance of reliability and connectivity is paramount for austere environments. Blue Sky Network brings industry-leading innovation and answers that solve these challenges for each of our core market segments within the ACR Group. We are excited at the capabilities this acquisition will bring to the ACR Group and its technology brands.”

David Knowles, President and CEO, ACR Group

ACR Group and it’s lineup of brands has offered life-saving products for use in emergency situations for over 60 years. As ACR Group has evolved over the years and we are excited to see how Blue Sky Network will compliment and collaborate with it’s new lineup of sister companies in the future. Follow us on LinkedIn and/or Twitter for the latest updates as they become available!

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