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NAL Research Corporation provides world class advanced Assured PNT devices and Iridium based satellite modems, tracking terminals, and handsets—from design through manufacturing and sale—for the defense, research and commercial sectors. Our products are best in class and used daily, across the globe, in a wide range of applications including asset tracking, search and rescue, remote sensing, and command/control of ground, maritime, and airborne platforms. Because of NAL’s outstanding internal engineering and product development capabilities, we are sought after by our customers for tailored development and integration of cutting edge A-PNT and Iridium based communication concepts, and our product offerings are constantly evolving and expanding to drive the leading edge of capabilities for our customers.  
NAL Research Corporation designs and manufactures Iridium satellite modems communication systems, and tracking terminals for defense, research and commercial sectors.  NAL devices are ruggedly built and widely used for the world’s most demanding environments.  NAL’s flexible platforms can be tailored to a wide range of unique missions and applications – from asset tracking to search and rescue, remote sensing, and command and control.  In addition to being an Iridium Value-Added Manufacturer (VAM), NAL is also an Iridium Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and provides Iridium Airtime Service.
NAL Research offers engineering and related services supporting new product design and development product re-design for cost reduction and life-cycle extension and product conversion.