Data Services

NAL Research offers the full range of Iridium airtime, backend tracking, and engineering solutions to completely enable our products for our customers’ unique applications.

Types of Services:


NAL Research is a Tier I Iridium Value Added Reseller (VAR) providing airtime and data services. These include Circuit Switched Data (CSD), Router-based Unrestricted Digital Internetworking Connectivity Solutions (RUDICS), and Short Burst Data (SBD).

Circuit Switched Data (CSD)

Circuit Switched Data (CSD) service is an asynchronous circuit switched, 2400bps, bi-directional service.
Circuit Switched Data allows for dial-up services.


Router-based unrestricted digital internetworking connectivity solution (RUDICS) is an enhanced gateway termination and origination capability for circuit switched data calls across the Iridium satellite network. When an ISU places a call to the RUDICS Server located at the Iridium Gateway, the RUDICS Server connects the call to a pre-defined IP address allowing an end-to-end IP connection between the Host Application and the ISU.

Short Burst Data (SBD)

Short Burst Data or SBD is a simple and efficient bi-directional transport capability used to transfer messages with sizes ranging from zero (a mailbox check) to 1960 bytes for Mobile Originated (MO-SBD) and zero to 1890 bytes for Mobile Terminated (MT-SBD). SBD takes advantage of signals within the existing air interface, without using the dedicated traffic channels. As a result, small amounts of data can be transferred more efficiently than those associated with circuit-switched data calls.
NAL offers standard pay-as-you-go and fixed rate plans. Please contact our SALES team for detailed pricing, airtime requests, and billing questions.

Pricing Structure

Plan Type Activation Fee Data Included Min. Billing increment Data Rate Monthly Price
Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) Basic $0.00 - 30 Bytes $1.50 / KB $13 / Month
Iridium SBD 12 $40.00 12 KB/ month 10 Bytes $1.50 / KB $18 / Month
Iridium Circuit Switched Data (CSD) $30.00 - 20 Seconds $0.95 / Minute $32 / Month
Iridium RUDICS $30.00 - 20 Seconds $0.66 / Minute $32 / Month
Iridium SMS (Text Messaging) $0.00 - Per Message $0.50 / Message -
Iridium PTT (A) $99.00 Unlimited PTT Calls 3 Months - $0 - $2,300 / Month
Iridium PTT (B) $65.00 Unlimited PTT Calls 12 Months - $0 - $2,300 / Month
Iridium PTT (Middle East) $99.00 Unlimited PTT Calls 3 Months - $400 - $9,200 / Month

Pricing for Certus airtime service is available upon request. 

In order to purchase airtime from NAL Research, all customers must complete the Airtime Service Form for either Narrowband or Certus, depending on the service you’re interested in. Please send your completed documents to sales@nalresearch.com with your request for airtime service.

Backend Services: NAL Vue

NAL Vue Subscriptions are $18/mo.

NAL Research provides world-class advanced Assured-PNT devices and Iridium-based satellite modems and handheld tracking communication devices. Our products are best-in-class and used daily across the globe in a wide range of applications including asset tracking, search and rescue, remote sensing, and command and control (C2). To compliment these products, NAL Research also offers a backend visualization platform to create a full-service solution for all your needs. NAL Vue is a single mapping platform to securely track all your global assets and act as an open line of communication to your personnel in the field. As a backend visualization tool, NAL Vue creates a visual representation of near-real-time tracking and communication data for its users. This dynamic tool is accurate, interactive, easy to use, and is a true resource in effectively communicating your tracking data into a visual platform to help you complete your mission. NAL Vue delivers maximum situational awareness to assist with timely and effective decision making. As a device-agnostic system, NAL Vue integrates all your global trackable assets into a single, secure, web-based platform. Visualize position, velocity, and heading. Exchange messages with a team in the field over satellites or cellular channels. NAL Vue is a mature product operated on redundant servers at a Tier III data server. Choose NAL Vue for your secure, flexible, and reliable monitoring and mission control.

To create your NAL Vue account, please complete the NAL Vue Set-up form and send it to sales@nalresearch.com.

Engineering Design

NAL Research offers engineering and related services supporting new product design and development, product re-design for cost reduction, life-cycle extension, and product conversion to take advantage of the newest components and production technologies. We excel in design for manufacturing and cost out initiatives for both new and legacy products.

Software and Hardware Design 

We have extensive design capabilities and a deep knowledge of software applications embedded with Linux and Android. We specialize in Iridium, ruggedized military, handheld & battery powered, satellite & cellular devices with modem and GPS/GNSS integration.


We can turn your vision into reality. Prototype services are provided on a consignment or turnkey basis depending on the end-user requirements. Quick response is a key element of our engineering services.


Testing is essential for discovering product flaws or other problems. NAL Research performs product testing to achieve excellent performance. Our team concentrates its efforts to maintain confidentiality, improve performance and insure quality.

Product Support 

NAL Research offers engineering and related services supporting new product design and development, product re-design for cost reduction and life-cycle extension and product conversion to take advantage of the newest components and production technologies. In every project, NAL Research’s design team concentrates its efforts to minimize risk, control costs, maintain confidentiality, improve performance and insure quality. NAL Research has expertise in every phase of engineering services from conceptualization, feasibility studies and prototyping to final production.

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