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Soldier Modernisation talks to Robert Bills, President, NAL Research about the Quicksilver (QS-100)

There’s no disputing that communication capability is one of the most powerful weapons in any government or defense sector’s arsenal. As the world of warfare continues to evolve, from the need for more data to the changing nature of combat environments and locations, that communication has required constant evolution. Predicting future needs when it comes to this kind of communication is something NAL Research has made its business for some 25 years, leveraging the Iridium Satellite Constellation to provide state-of-the-art communications systems for the defense, research, and commercial sectors. Soldier Modernisation spoke to NAL Research’s President Robert Bills about the company’s latest product, the Quicksilver (QS-100), and how it meets the challenges of today.

“With more data needed on the battlefield or, as we’ve termed it for the past few years, the ‘digital battlefield’, a main need is extending communications to areas not covered in existing communication systems, but also to remote locations with no communications at all,” says Bills. Power, weight, and size remain key factors in the world of defense, along with mobility and the ability to operate in rugged environments, all made even more challenging when in remote locations. The trump card for NAL Research is its use of the Iridium satellite constellation…

Click below to read the rest of the article in Volume 30 of Soldier Modernisation Journal, Pages 52 – 53.

READ FULL ARTICLE: Volume 30 | NAL Research | Connect and communicate anytime, anywhere (soldiermod.com)

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