New CERTUS 9770 Transceiver

NAL Research Corporation has partnered with Iridium as an early product developer for the latest Iridium Certus™Transceiver. NAL will be one of the first to market with small-form-factor products that utilize the New Certus™ mid-band service.

“The new Certus 9770 transceiver, with its native IP technology, mid-band data speeds and high-quality voice in a small-form-factor, coupled with Iridium’s global network, is a game-changing combination in the market,” said Robert Bills, President of NAL Research. “Our customers’ need for increased data and functionality while operating in challenging environments all over the world, is accelerating and expanding. The 9770 enables to NAL
to deliver a new class of mobile products to provide on-the-move and remote data connectivity. These products will dramatically enhance our partners’ ability to perform existing missions and deliver sorely needed capabilities for new and rapidly growing areas such as unmanned systems.”

The Iridium Certus 9770 transceiver transfers IP data over 35 times faster than its predecessors while also supporting high quality voice connections. This new transceiver will provide a key foundation for NAL to develop its
next generation of cutting-edge products that fill known gaps the industry is facing today while opening up new opportunities for those who require larger transmissions, streaming services, and lower latency for expanded applications.

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