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How do I place an order?
To request an order form please email sales@nalresearch.com or fax your request to the number 703-392-6795.

How do I request a quote?

  • Click here to be taken to our Request a Quote form.
  • Or email your request to sales@nalresearch.com. Please be sure to include all NAL Part Numbers and quantities, along with your contact information.  Formal quotes take 24-48 hours during business hours to process.  Please note that the lead time included is in business days.

How can I check the status of an order?
Please send your inquiries to sales@nalresearch.com

What is the lead time for an order?
The lead time for an order is provided when placing an order.  The lead time is also included if a formal quote was requested.

How do I request an RMA?
Please send an email to rma@nalresearch.com

What shipping carrier do you use and can I prepay the shipping fee?
Answer: We use FedEx for all orders. If customers have FedEx account number, we can charge the shipping fee to the account provided. Customers can also prepay the shipping fee if request is included on the purchase order.


What is the method of payment for the service?
Answer: We accept Check, EFT, and/or Credit Card Payment.

When is the billing cycle?
Answer: Billing starts on the 13th of previous month to the 12th of the current month.

If I suspend my IMEI number will I still incur monthly service fee?
Answer: Customers will still incur airtime monthly service fee for every IMEI number suspended.

What is the process to deactivate service?
Answer: Please send your deactivation request to sales@nalresearch.com .

How do I request changes to my existing airtime account (ex. Activation, De-Activation, Change in Delivery Method(s), etc.)?
Answer:  All airtime requests must be in writing.  Please email all airtime requests to sales@nalresearch.com.  All airtime requests take 24-48 hours during business hours to process.  A confirmation email will be sent once the request(s) has been completed.

Can I de-activate my service at any time?
Answer: Yes, you can de-activate your service at any time.  If a de-activation request is within a billing cycle, you will receive one more invoice for the current billing cycle as our airtime fees are not prorated.  Please email your de-activation request to sales@nalresearch.com.


What is the IP address that DirectIP Mobile Originated messages originate from? – 12

What is the domain name for the Iridium DirectIP Mobile Terminated gateway?
directip.sbd.iridium.com / port 10800

What is the time to live for DirectIP Mobile Originated messages?
12 hours

How long can an Iridium Mobile Terminated message remain in the Iridium gateway queue before the messages are purged?
5 days.  Once a single message is older than 5 days, all messages for the destination will be purged.

What is the maximum # of queued Mobile Terminated messages for a single IMEI?
Maximum of 50 messages per IMEI

For SBD DirectIP Mobile Terminated, does the customer need to inform the airtime provider of the source IP address that will be utilized?
Yes, the source IP address that will be utilized to connect to the Iridium gateway needs to be on the Iridium firewall whitelist. A request must be made with the airtime provider to have an IP address whitelisted.

What happens if the host server is not available to receive DirectIP messages?
MO-SBD messages are queued at the GSS (gateway). The GSS can store 10,000 messages per server application. If the number of MO-SBD messages exceeds the 10,000 limit, the oldest message is discarded and the newest added to the queue. The expiry for the queued message is 12 hours.