SBD-Only Iridium Modem with Serial Interface (Formerly 9602-N)



Short Burst Data


The 9602-NAL Modem is a satellite transceiver designed to operate with the Iridium® network in SBD-only mode. The 9602-NAL communicates with a host system through an RS232 interface. It can accept input voltage ranging from 5VDC to 32VDC.

NAL Research can enable the 9602-NAL to utilize either the Iridium Commercial Gateway at Tempe, Arizona or the US DoD EMSS Gateway when requested by an authorized user.

Key Features:

  • Operation does not require a SIM card.
  • Has an automatic notification indicating a message is queued at the gateway.
  • Offers a maximum Mobile Originated (MO) message size of 340 bytes.
  • Offers a maximum Mobile Terminated (MT) message size of 270 bytes.
  • Supports RS232 serial connection with control by a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device and an AT command set.
  • Capable of accepting voltage ranging from 5VDC to 32VDC.

Compatible Airtime Service:



Dimensions 71 mm x 48 mm x 23 mm (2.81″ x 1.90″ x 0.91″)
Weight 136 g (4.8 oz)
Input Voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V or 6.5V to 32.0V
Avg. Current (SBD): 190mA @ 5V Input
I/O Interface: 15-Pin D-Sub
Antenna Interfaces: SMA Female
Software Interface: AT Commands through RS232
Operating Temp:  –40°C to +85°C (–40°F to +185°F)
Operating Humidity: < 75% RH
Operating Frequency: 1616.0 to 1626.5 MHz
Link Margin (Uplink): 7 dB



9602-NAL Quick Start Guide 

9602-NAL User Guide 

SatTerm v9.1.1 Setup

AT Commands Manual

Server for Trackers 8.6.5


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