Certus-100 Midband Modem Providing Satellite Internet Service Anywhere, Anytime

Quicksilver Data Kit




Key Features:

  • Mobile and desktop web-browser based management (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari compatible)
  • Operating system independent (e.g – Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android)
  • Built-in firewall for data management and enhanced security
  • Software API for customized, embedded applications
  • Supports multiple IP protocols (e.g. – TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc.)
  • Supports popular encrypted voice / messaging apps (e.g. – Signal)
  • Alternate AT-command & RS-232 interface
    • Drop-in upgrade for NAL A3LA products
    • Easy integration with serial-based systems
  • Multiple GPIO pins for control (including external ON / OFF

Product Overview:

NAL Research Corporation’s QUICKSILVER QS-100 terminal delivers the latest Iridium Certus 100 mid-band service in a compact, rugged package for globally available on-the-move (OTM), over-the-horizon (OTH), and beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) connectivity. Suitable for both standalone usage and embedded platform integration, it employs a small detachable passive, low-gain, omni-directional antenna, simplifying low-profile and low-visibility installations. The QUICKSILVER QS-100’s flexible integration architecture makes it the ideal upgrade from narrowband solutions to provide mid-band throughput performance, anywhere around the world, for file transfer, command and control (C2), telemetry, diagnostic monitoring, and other data transport applications.


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